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Who Are We?
We are a full service STEM education consulting firm that helps corporate and community improve on Science and Maths content deliverables
What Do We Do?
We create, consolidate, and coordinate new and existing outreach programs that have a significant impact on the STEM pipeline, on teaching and learning nationwide
What Is Our Style?
We are committed to working with our stakeholders to develop programs that educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

Education Consultant

Creative Minds team partners with non-profits, foundations, corporations, school systems, government agencies, and multi-actor collaboratives to bring about social impact and change through STEM education.

Our team focuses on strategy development, collective impact, learning and evaluation, education planning, research, and knowledge creation. Our work spans early learning, primary and secondary education, as well as youth development and community engagement.

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Bridging The Industry Academia Gap

Our story on this collaboration


Reaching STEM Education to Rural Areas

Our story on this collaboration

Leading Education That Positively Affects Learners

At Creative Minds, every product we use, every item we sell, every curriculum we develop is deployed for the purpose of helping every student to learn, grow, and succeed – in the classroom and in life. Creative Minds team members take great pride in the fact that their efforts positively impact thousand of students in Malaysia

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The hands-on learning approach is about providing students with opportunities to experiment with their surroundings as a form of problem solving through robotic. It is about creativity and collaboration, motivation and self-direction. It is about improvisation and discovery, and playful learning experiences with real-world relevance.

Technology used in this course:

  • LEGO EV3 Mindstorms
  • mBot Robotic Set

The 3D printing technology made its way to the technological world in the year 1986, but not gain importance until 1990. It was not that popular outside the world of engineering, architecture and manufacturing. 3D printing is also known as desktop fabrication, it can form any material that can be obtained as a powder. For creating an object you need a digital 3D-model. You can scan a set of 3D images, or draw it using computer-assisted design or CAD software. You can also download them from internet. The digital 3D-model is usually saved in STL format and then sent to the printer. The process of "printing" a three-dimensional object layer-by-layer with equipment, which is quite similar with ink-jet printer.

Technology used in this course

  • 3DUCATION Printer

Our programming courses using an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. The program consists of both a physical programmable circuit board (often referred to as a microcontroller) and a piece of software, or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs on your computer, used to write and upload computer code to the physical board.

Technologies used in this course:

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi

Get hands-on with the power of coding. With real-life STEM challenges and engaging physical and digital creation, we enable students to develop 21st century skills through computational thinking. Creative Minds comprehensive solution contains everything you need to start learning STEM through programming. Fully integrated, classroom-ready and designed to meet Malaysian curriculum standards.

Technology used in this course:

  • Scratch Studio

Data Logging – A unique discipline in STEM that involve data collection and analysis in the scientific processThe program will enrich the big data collection and analysis in running science experiment digitally.  The platform we run using affordable and user-friendly tools that will make STEM classroom learning engaging and fun!

Technology used in this course:

  • Nano Maker Kit
  • Arduino

Renewable Energy – It considers the technology, economics, and environmental impact of renewable energy projects in order to enable students to form their own views about renewable energy. The clear illustrations help to show how energy can be harnessed.

Technology used in this course:

  • LEGO Mindstorms
  • Arduino
  • Data Logging

We are working closely with our Stakeholders

We connect our STEM education content to others in Malaysia to enrich education, promote creative thinking and build national trust and understanding.

We foster dialogue and partnerships between Malaysian government, ministries and agencies. We also help students who want to pursue career in STEM.

We partner with businesses to align their support to their local area and bespoke projects which allow them to see the greatest impact on young people’s educational opportunities.

By connecting employees with our teachers and their pupils we can maximise the impact of our corporate partnerships on tackling educational inequality, while providing tangible business benefits.
We believe that all sustainability is local, we actively engage with Malaysian school and coordinate our activities with STEM initiatives and objectives.

Many of these activities are suggested and coordinated by our employees and other stakeholder, who volunteer their time and expertise to assist others.
Our educational program focusing on communities where Creative Minds trains employees, retirees, volunteers, and educators around the world to share their passion for leaning and science with students.

A hands-on program that relies on the scientific and technological expertise focuses on STEM topics through camps, workshops, and classroom visits.

Unlocking Talent Through Collaboration

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There are many kinds of narratives and organizing principles. Science
is driven by evidence gathered in experiments.

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