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What We Do

Customized Event / Program

Customized Event / Program

We run a variety of STEM based program in various locations throughout Malaysia. Each camp covers a variety of different themes such as Robotics, Mechanics Engineering, Construction, Science, and Creativity and are suitable for children aged 6-16yrs.

Education Consultancy

Education Consultancy

Creative Minds offers professional development courses for educators who want to get the most of the learning solutions from STEM education content. We aim to build teaching capabilities in the effective long term mentorship to develop their students full potential.

Community Services

Community Services

We lead, others immitate. We work hand-in-hand with leading multinational corporation, industry player and education institutions to develop low cost education kits from robotics kit, 3D printer, renewable energy set and data logging.

Education Center

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab provides a unique ‘hands-on, minds-on’ environment that supports and enriches the entire learning process. It’s an innovative way of both learning and teaching – one that will stimulate your students, motivate your teachers and enhance the wider academic reputation of your school. Research has shown that when we allow children to use multiple senses during the learning process, they have better chances of fully understanding and remembering what they have learned. We believe that more playful, creative and hands-on methods engage students of all abilities to achieve results.

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Pioneer in 3D Printing Education

As a leader in education industry, we pioneer in several great initiative that change how kids see things throughout learning process. As we develop into new technologies, Creative Minds has roll out 3D Printing as part of education medium and process on higher thinking skills. Working closely with our industry partner, Telekom Malaysia (TM), Creative Minds has roll out long term plan on implementing 3D Printing in Education in Malaysia


STEM Selangor program transform abstract STEM concepts into tangible teaching experiences using the hands-on approach. Students participated in this program experience science, technology, engineering and mathematics first-hand through innovative, engaging tools that place them in the center of the learning environment.

STEM Selangor program is an initiative under the purview of the state government of Selangor and champion by Selangor Education, Human Capital Development, Technology and Innovation Council Office. 


Universiti Partnership

Machine Intelligence Lab (MIL) is a research lab located at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) in Seri Iskandar, Perak. The lab was established to develop robotics curriculum and other robotics related educational support materials. Creative Minds has worked closely with UTP since 2014 to establish and operate this research lab.

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